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Snowsound Acoustic Panels

Inspired by nature, Snowsound technology derives its name and innovation from the sound absorbing properties of freshly fallen snow. The porous surface of snow can absorb almost 100% of sound wave energy and is why we experience quieter outdoor acoustics just after a snowfall.Designed and manufactured in Italy, Snowsound panels incorporate the architectural influence of today’s prominent European designers to create a visionary and harmonious approach to acoustic clarify and comfort.

Snowsound’s patented technology is based on the use of variable density sound absorbing material. These variable density panels achieve selective absorption at different frequencies. Panels are engineered to reduce unwanted reverberation and optimize sound for significantly improved acoustic comfort in any space. Experience this unique feature and learn why architects and interior designers prefer Snowsound.

Snowsound panels have obtained Class A sound absorption based on ISO standard 11654 and achieve an NRC of 1.0 for all panel designs.
Patented technology functions to selectively target sound across low, mid and high range frequencies to achieve optimal sound absorption, while the seamless designs render the panels sleek and unobtrusive.
Streamlined shapes can be configured in many ways, as free-standing, ceiling suspended, or wall and ceiling- mounted to create beautiful customized spaces.
The exterior is composed of proprietary Trevira CS® polyester fabric, making the surface appear visually soft while the panel itself is highly durable and resistant to tearing and perforation. The absence of an air space or cavity between the outer fabric and sound-absorbing core significantly decreases the accumulation of dust, and the panels are easy to clean with mild cleanser.
Panels are 100% recyclable. No organic materials or formaldehyde contents used - tested according to UNI EN 717-2. Greenguard Gold certification is primarily beneficial to education and healthcare.
Class A flame spread and smoke development (UL723, ASTM E84)
View their website here to see more of their configuration options. With Snowsound panels installed you will instantly hear the difference in your room. Create more privacy in conference rooms, reduce the echo of a large space, or divide a space while cutting down on the ambient noise.

Watch this video for a demonstration of the panels.

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