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Unlock the Ultimate Workstation Enhancement With a
Sit-to-Stand Station!

The human body was not designed to work in a static position for long periods. Using a height adjustable solution with the push of a button you can move from siting to standing and vice versa. This functionality allows you to move throughout the day resulting in more energy, better blood flow, more productivity, and you can burn some extra calories.
Desk Mounted Electric Bases
Ready to go out of the box desk mounted units to retrofit your exisiting workstation into a sit-to-stand.
Transform your work area into a full sit to stand with an electric height adjustable table!
Corporate Office Home Office
You do not have to sacrifice the sit-stand experience for your executive look.
Chairs | Stools
With very few exceptions all chairs listed in our Office Seating section can be converted into a stool configuration.

Click through the below slideshow to view our happy customers enjoying their new sit - to - stand workstations!

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